Seniors, There Are So Many Health Benefits Of Walking!

Walking For Seniors Health BenefitsIf you’re looking for a way to stay healthy, walking is a great solution.   

In our modern age where information about keeping our bodies healthy is so readily available, we all know that so much of maintaining our physical wellbeing comes down to eating right and staying active. All too many people think that staying active has to mean intense cardio and heavy weight training, though, and consequently shy away.

Fortunately, you can help your body stay healthy by simply putting one foot in front of another! If you’re looking for an exercise that you can sustain with a major health benefit, look no further than walking.

When you walk, you minimize your risk of developing osteoporosis, you fend off depression, and reduce your risk of heart disease, colon cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and hypertension. You also improve cardiovascular health, your sense of balance, your flexibility, and your strength.

Walking isn’t just good for your physical health, either. A recent study that looks at people ages 55 to 91 revealed that walking is great for your cognitive skills, too. When compared side-by-side, people who exercise (walking included) performed better on memory, reaction time, and reasoning tests than those who were leading sedentary lifestyles.

This simple exercise can help preserve your aerobic power, your brain function, and your physical wellbeing. The best part is that nearly anyone can do it! Start walking for just 15 minutes a day and work your way up to an hour. You will notice improvements in no time at all!

Walking is wonderful preventative care for your body. To build on that foundation, you need great preventative care from your doctor. To learn more about getting a health insurance policy that allows you to receive regular professional care, contact SeniorChoices NW. We serve Wilsonville and all of Oregon and are here to help you get the Medicare coverage you need to stay healthy.

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