Three Ways Supermarkets Are Tricking You (The Shopper!)

Three Ways Supermarkets Tricking You (The Shopper!)

Every time you head into a supermarket, you may be falling victim to their genius marketing ploys.

Ever go to the supermarket for some milk, but by the time you reach the check-out you realize you’ve purchased a whole week’s worth of groceries? Even if you brought a list, you may still be vulnerable. Grocery stores have employed the best marketers to get you to buy as many things as possible. These marketing tricks go directly to your brain and trick you without noticing! Learn these gimmicks so you can avoid them when you visit the supermarket and onlycheck out with what you intended.

1. The Bakery Aisle

When you walk into a grocery store, what’s front and center? More often than not, it’s the bakery filled with bread and tempting pastries. You get this scent and think, hmm . . . I’m pretty hungry. Maybe I’ll buy some bread. It’s not that expensive. Upon smelling this deliciousness, shoppers feel hungry, which usually makes them buy more food.

2. Color-Coding

Marketers figured out pretty early on that we associate certain feelings and reactions with specific colors. Red invokes a fight-or-flight response and grabs your attention right away; blue is associated with trust and stability, ironically found on most banks; purple, since it rarely occurs in nature, is associated with luxury and royalty. Make sure to look past the color and focus on the price, if your budget is a concern.

3. 1, 2, 3 . . . Sound Check!

Ever notice as youre pushing the grocery cart, you’re singing along to some funky tune brought to you by the grocery store’s playlist? Marketers know that music makes people happy, and happy people buy more.

What you need at a grocery store is often different than what you actually purchase. But the blame isn’t entirely yours, the marketing techniques are very effective. Now that you know some of the tricks of the trade, you can do a better job of sticking to your list and budget on your next trip. You should be just as careful when shopping for health insurance, so contact SeniorChoices NW in Wilsonville, Oregon to schedule an appointment to review your options.

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