Thanksgiving Safety Tips for a Spectacular Family Dinner

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for a Spectacular Family DinnerThanksgiving is just around the corner, which means many homeowners are preparing to welcome family into their homes for the holiday season. We understand you have a lot of planning on your plate for the big day, which is why we have gathered all the important Thanksgiving dinner safety tips so that your holiday remains memorable for all the right reasons:

  • Thawing your turkey is one of the most important parts of the process. In order to avoid the spreading of dangerous pathogens, never thaw your turkey at room temperature. Rather, it is best to thaw your turkey when it is still wrapped and on a tray in the refrigerator. If you are unsure of how long it will take to thaw out, the standard rule says 1 day for every 4 pounds of turkey.
  • Before you start prepping for the delicious feast ahead, clean the entire kitchen so that you have a clean canvas to work with. It is important that you place all holiday decorations away from the cooking area to ensure safety.
  • If possible, try to only cook on the back burners so that the pot and panhandles do not hang over the stove, causing a hazard.
  • When it comes to Thanksgiving leftovers, if placed in the refrigerator before two hours, your Thanksgiving feast should be safe for four days. If you plan to wait longer, it is important that you freeze them.

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope these helpful safety tips make for an amazing holiday season for you and your family! Contact SeniorChoices NW in Wilsonville, Oregon for all of your healthcare coverage needs. We will go above and beyond to ensure you are receiving the protection you deserve during the most important time of your life.

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