Inter-generational Programs

As the population ages, it’s important to think about how the old interact with the young.  Here’s how inter-generational programs can help. The future of aging depends on creating inter-generational links between young and old.  Inter-generational programs are one way to create these connections. The benefits of inter-generational programs flow both ways. Younger people can assist the elderly Read More

Help for the Never-ending To-Do List

Sometimes your to-do list can leave you feeling overwhelmed.  Cross “get Medicare plan in Oregon” off your list and use these tips to help with everything else you need to get done. Ever look at your to-do list and realize there’s no way you can get everything done?  It can be difficult admitting that you can’t do everything, but it’s okay.  You have to remember that you’re only human and that Read More

Routine Hearing Loss and Medicare

Hearing loss is a common issue for older adults. Here’s what you should know. As you age, hearing loss becomes more of an issue. Approximately one-third of people between 65-74 years of age and half of those over the age of 75 report some degree of loss. So chances are good that you could be affected. What are the causes? Hearing loss can depend on a number of issues. Genetics, disease, Read More

Why You Need to Treat Your Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is common among older people, and while it may not seem like something you have to treat—there may be health concerns if you don’t. On average, approximately 1 in 5 Americans suffer from hearing loss. As we age, that number continues to climb to 1 in 3. Hearing loss, however, can be treated. We experience the world through five main senses: sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. Read More

How to Sleep Better Naturally

Living in today’s world can make it difficult to get the sleep that you need in order to live a healthy life. We live in a stressed-out world that is filled with hyper-caffeinating, longer work hours, and shorter sleep time. In fact, sleep often gets put on the back burner and it is beginning to affect Americans’ health. In the days before electricity, most people would go to bed shortly after Read More

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Learn about the basics of Medicare, timeframes for enrolling, the differences between Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage, schedule individual appointments, and ask questions about the plans accepted by the provider.

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