Fight The Flu: Don’t Let Common Cold Season Knock You Down

Staying Healthy During the Winter ColdDon’t be under the weather this winter season!

The cold and dark winter months tend to be known as flu season. The combination of viruses thriving indoors; germs festering on handrails and doorknobs; and people’s immune systems weakened by the winter brings upon colds and flu that can hinder our health.

Catching a bug means you have less energy and the possibility of health complications, as you feel under the weather for days. Each winter can cost employers more than $20 billion in paid sick days that sends more than 200,000 sufferers to the hospital on average.

Below is exactly what you need, and what you need to avoid, in order to stay healthy this season and kick colds out the door!

  1. Stock up on Hand Sanitizer: Keep a bottle stashed in your purse and one on your desk! Use after handling money, shaking hands with someone who is feeling unwell, and before eating.
  2. Set Goals: Relieving unresolved stress can boost immunity. In addition, it can steady your blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease. Set a reachable target for yourself every week for that feeling of accomplishment!
  3. Get Moving: You guessed it: exercise! Even moderate activity can decrease the likelihood of catching a cold by 35 percent!
  4. Set Your Sights on Sleep: Getting enough sleep can be more beneficial to you than supplements, vaccinations or food! Aim for 7 to 8 hours every night!
  5. Be Aware: Look out for waves of infections and take the precautions of washing your hands a lot and choosing to watch a movie at home rather than sit in a packed cinema.

Before a cold season hits and people are coughing left, right and center, ensure that you have the correct health insurance plan. Visit SeniorChoices NW for all of your affordable health care through Medicare in Wilsonville, Oregon! As an independent agency, we work with multiple agencies to find your most suitable plan!

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