Recognize A Stroke With FACE

Learn The Signs Of A Stroke During American Stroke Month

May marks American Stroke Month, making it a crucial time for us all to spread stroke prevention and recognition. Since stroke is the leading cause of disability in the United States and the 5th most common cause of death, it is especially important that we know how to combat these brain attacks.

Fortunately, if someone suffering a stroke can be administered a clot-buster medication within the first three hours of their first symptom, their odds of being disabled are significantly reduced. To help you recognize a stroke right away, use FACE:

  • F- Face: Ask the person you think may be experiencing a stroke to face you head on and smile. If part of their face droops, move on to the next step.
  • A- Arms: Have the individual raise his or her arms out to each side. If one arm begins to drift downward, move to step three.
  • S- Speech: Think of a simple phrase. Say it to the person you think may be experiencing a stroke, asking him or her to repeat it. If he or she struggles, move immediately to the next step.
  • T- Time: Time is of the essence when combating a stroke. The longer the individual goes without treatment, the longer blood flow is interrupted to an area of his or her brain, allowing brain cells to die. If you think someone may be experiencing a stroke, call 911 immediately. It is always better safe than sorry!

Should you need rehabilitation after a stroke, would your healthcare be sufficient to cover the costs? To get the coverage you need to be truly protected, contact Senior Choices NW in Wilsonville, Oregon. We are here to help you get the right policy to be safeguarded during American Stroke Month and beyond.

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