Should We Re-Think Attitudes on Aging?

Age really is just a number; here’s how to re-think your attitude on aging.

Generally, people over 65 are considered old.  However, a new study suggests that you should re-think attitudes on aging based on how long people actually live.  According to the study published in PLOS ONE journal, 70 is the new 60.

With improved healthcare and increased dedication to health education, people are living longer than ever.  In response to these longer life expectancies, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, has been pushing to re-consider what constitutes “old age.”

Additionally, the study reports that population aging won’t be an issue for the U.S., China, and Germany by the end of the century.  Though not often discussed, population aging is a major stressor on every aspect of society.  Population aging occurs when a society has more older people than younger people.  This can occur for many reasons such as a decrease in birth rates and an increase in life expectancies.

Population aging can lead to a decrease in the number of workers able to support the elderly, the study suggests that this issue can be offset by keeping people employed longer and rewarding the elderly for working post-retirement.  Luckily for those at retirement age, the end of population aging means a return to early retirement.

Based on this study, it’s definitely time to re-think attitudes on aging.  They are now saying 70 is the new 60, but you don’t want to miss the Medicare deadlines when you turn 65!  Contact us prior to your 65th birthday and make sure you know the timeframes for Medicare enrollment.

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