Myths About Your Brain

The brain is an incredible organ that is responsible for every single function in your body, but there seem to be some misconceptions about your body.  If memory lapses have you falling for every memory-boosting gimmick you hear about on TV or through word of mouth, relax! Keeping your brain young is actually a pretty simple task, and it does not involve some miracle pill that comes with 45 Read More

How to Enjoy a Healthy New Year

Make 2017 the healthiest year of your life by taking these helpful hints into consideration and following through.  2017 can be your healthiest year yet if you follow these tips. These are easier said than done, but if you stick with them the results will be great and you will find yourself in the best health of your life–or at least, in a very long time. Here are a few tips on how you can enjoy Read More

How to Improve Your Memory

Memory is something that may dwindle with age, but you can strengthen your memory with these memory boosters.  Has your spouse been driving you nuts by asking you the same questions over and over again? "Where are my keys? Have you seen my phone? What's the name of our neighbor's kid again?" These lapses in memory are normal and have to do more with the amount of information that's being thrown Read More

Senior Choices Recipe: Overnight Apple Butter

While healthy foods are the key to a healthy life, a sweet, as long as its done in moderation, is certainly encouraged. Here is a great recipe for overnight apple butter. Slow-cookers can make more than a tender, meaty dinner for your family. You may now be wondering, what else can my slow-cooker do? As it turns out, it can make a sweet apple butter spread that will knock your socks off. It goes Read More

Live a Long, Healthy Life With These Basic Food Rules

We truly are what we eat, so follow these basic food rules for a long and healthy life.  If you knew what makes a basic ideal diet, you would have an ability many seek: control over your own health. Most people don't know what makes an ideal diet because there are many big corporations that are trying to blur nutrition and make it confusing to make their profit. It also isn't common knowledge, Read More

Attend a Medicare Meeting

Learn about the basics of Medicare, timeframes for enrolling, the differences between Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage, schedule individual appointments, and ask questions about the plans accepted by the provider.

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