American Heart Month Recipe: Berry Breakfast Mini Cups

These delicious, protein-packed, portable cupcakes can change the way you eat breakfast, and can help keep your heart healthy!  If you want to start your day on a heart-healthy note, you have come to the right place. We are here to introduce you to a new way of eating breakfast which combines yogurt, granola, and some fresh berries. You may think all you need is a bowl and a spoon, but this Read More

Different Ways to Pay for Original Medicare Premiums?

If you are close to turning 65, you have hopefully given Medicare some thought. If you are to sign up for Parts A & B, how can you pay premiums? Most people do not have a monthly premium for Medicare Part A. But if you have Medicare Part B and are receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Benefits, your Part B premium is typically deducted from your monthly benefit. If, Read More

Tips for Baby Boomers That Turn 65 in 2017

If you are considered to be a baby boomer and turn 65 years old in 2017, you could use these helpful tips for enrolling in Medicare. Medicare eligibility begins at age 65 for the majority of Americans. Boomers that were born in 1952 are the next to collect the benefits of Medicare. Here are a few tips for your health care. You Must Enroll Within a Set Time Period Your initial enrollment Read More

Elderly Patients Have Options With New Heart Valve

Your heart may not be as powerful as it was back in the day, but a new heart valve may give you new options and new life. The human heart, on average, will beat 2.5 billion times in one lifetime. Unfortunately, due to genetics, pollution, diet, smoking, and other factors, heart disease plagues the lives of many–especially as they age. The options for older patients who suffer from aortic stenosis Read More

Exercise for Patients with Type-2 Diabetes

Type-2 diabetes is a serious illness which could put your life in danger, but exercise has proven to reduce your chances of complications.  Individuals with type-2 diabetes have an increased amount of glucose and lipids (sugars and fats) in their blood, which then increases the risk for heart diseases like strokes and heart attacks. In order to combat these risks, exercise has shown to be an Read More

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Learn about the basics of Medicare, timeframes for enrolling, the differences between Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage, schedule individual appointments, and ask questions about the plans accepted by the provider.

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