Myths About Your Brain

The brain is an incredible organ that is responsible for every single function in your body, but there seem to be some misconceptions about your body. 

If memory lapses have you falling for every memory-boosting gimmick you hear about on TV or through word of mouth, relax! Keeping your brain young is actually a pretty simple task, and it does not involve some miracle pill that comes with 45 seconds of possible health risks, or spending a fortune. Here are some common myths about the aging brain and how to make the most of your neurons synapses.

MYTH: An aging brain is inevitable 
It is true your brain shrinks naturally as you age, you can increase its mass with exercise. Researchers from the University of Illinois and the University of Pittsburgh assigned 120 aged couch potatoes to either walk or stretch three times a week.
The results concluded that walking increased the size of the hippocampus by two (2) percent in one year.

MYTH: You can’t stop Alzheimer’s disease
While there is no cure yet, research suggests that eating well, reducing stress, staying engaged with others, reading, and other stimulating activities can at least slow the devastating neurogenerative disease. Eating a diet high in protein and healthy fats (like the Mediterranean diet) can make a big difference.

MYTH: Brain games make you smarter
Playing brain games on your app is great to pass the time, but unfortunately, they show no evidence of improving your cognitive ability. Instead, hanging out with friends, reading, and meditation have shown to have that effect.

Your brain is among the most important organs in your body, and it is important that you work it out in order to keep it strong. Contact SeniorChoices NW to schedule an appointment to review your coverage and find the plan that’s right for you.

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