Mental Health Tips

Mental Health TipsYour brain is constantly active, whether you are aware of it or not. Keeping it in good shape is a must, especially as you get older. Mental health is just as important as physical health. We may not realize it but we participate in many habits that are bad for our mental health. Here are some tips to promote your mental health and take care of your brain.

  • Posture: How we feel can affect the way we hold ourselves when we walk, stand, or sit. The opposite is also true about our posture affecting our mood. If you are not feeling great and are slouching, you are perpetuating your bad mood. Simply lifting your chin, standing up straight and smiling can make you feel so much better!
  • Focus: In the modern age, it is easy to snap a picture and move on, but this is bad for your mental health. Studies have shown that observing an object through a lens makes you less likely to remember the object. Put down that camera or phone and soak up the beauty that life has to offer to make you mentally stronger.
  • Exercise: Most people, when they are upset, do not want to go out and move around. Do not let yourself fall into this habit. Being active at least three times a week has been shown to significantly boost your mood. The extra blood flowing to your brain cannot hurt either! It does not have to be for a long period of time, but any small burst of activity will keep your mind moving.
  • Procrastination: Putting off a task, regardless of why, can only add to your stress and anxiety. Before you tackle a task, do something that helps ease stress and then tackle it head on so that you do not get overwhelmed.

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