Life Hack: Tips for Getting Cheap Airfares

Life Hack: Tips for Getting Cheap Airfares

Paying hundreds of dollars to go visit your family members can get expensive, pretty fast. With these tips, you can save some real money when you hit the skies.

Traveling is a rewarding experience that almost always has more pros than cons. But one con that is nearly unavoidable is the cost that comes with booking your trip. In fact, it is this one con that can make or break some people’s vacation and entire reason for traveling. If you are one that enjoys adventure but the cost of flying is keeping you from it, here are some tips on how you can land that cheap airfare and make flying a reality.

  1. Know the Websites
  • and lets you check the lowest prices to a given destination by month, and they list any specials and will send alerts about good deals.
  • If you have a preferred airline, always log onto its site because it can sometimes beat online travel agencies for best prices—especially when it comes to domestic air travel.
  1. Time Your Trip
  • Flying on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays are typically slower than all other days, as business travel is lighter.
  • Try avoiding flying the Sundays after a big holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas and opt for a day or two later.
  1. Time Your Booking
  • Don’t make the mistake of booking too far in advance—this is when fares are usually at their highest. An average of 54 days prior to your trip is ideal.
  • If you want to plan a little further ahead, 2-3 months in advance for domestic travel and 5 months for international travel are the best times to buy.

Traveling is something that most everyone has on their bucket list, but is something many rarely do. With these tips, flying can go from dream to reality! You just need to know how to traverse the world safely and healthily. To find out which plans have benefits to cover your health when you travel, contact SeniorChoices NW in Wilsonville, Oregon.

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