Inter-generational Programs

As the population ages, it’s important to think about how the old interact with the young.  Here’s how inter-generational programs can help.

The future of aging depends on creating inter-generational links between young and old.  Inter-generational programs are one way to create these connections.

The benefits of inter-generational programs flow both ways. Younger people can assist the elderly with technology and can help prevent social isolation.  On the flip side, older adults can be an excellent resource to help with challenges our children face.  Here are some examples of inter-generational programs with proven benefits.

There are several examples where the elderly watch over and mentor the younger generations:

  • Ebenezer Ridges Day Care Center in Minnesota is a child care center located inside an assisted living facility.  At Ebenezer, the toddlers benefit from the care that their surrogate grandparents have to offer.
  • Another program, created by the AARP Experience Corps, invites older adults to come to schools to act as reading tutors for children in need.  According to research, the students working with these mentors have shown a 60% increase in their literacy skills.
  • Bridge Meadows in Portland, Oregon is a housing community for families adopting children out of foster care.  To help these families, welfare specialists brought in seniors to live in the community.  These older adults help by tutoring the kids, doing housework, and serving as an extra hand for parents.  As a result, these vulnerable families have higher long-term success rates than those in other foster care systems.

These are just a few inter-generational programs currently serving communities across America.  There are many more amazing programs that demonstrate the positive results that come from inter-generational connections between young and old.  We at SeniorChoices NW have always known how valuable our seniors are, and now others are taking notice of their benefits. In order for you to be the best resource you can be, make sure you have the right health insurance coverage. Give us a call today!

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