How The ACA Affects Seniors’ Health Insurance Decisions

How The ACA Affects Seniors' Health Insurance DecisionsHow Seniors Are Choosing Their Health Insurance Coverage

It is no surprise that many individuals find the new world of health insurance extremely confusing and daunting, but many have failed to consider what this has done for the less than tech savvy seniors in our lives. The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, and the open enrollment period are terms often associated with frustration for seniors, which is proving to be a problem. Keep these important guiding points in mind for better understanding on how seniors are choosing their health insurance plans in today’s evolving marketplace.

  • There are a wide range of factors that seniors find important when searching for a health insurance policy, including their familiarity with the company offering the insurance coverage, out of pocket costs, premiums, and access to their desired providers.
  • Many seniors are finding it difficult to compare plans in today’s day and age due to the volume of information that they are bombarded with in the mail and through the media. This makes it difficult for these individuals seeking information about health insurance to organize the information and know which plan is actually best for them.
  • That being said, many seniors and Medicare beneficiaries do not review their coverage during the open enrollment period simply because they found their first experience to be overwhelming and frustrating. This means that many seniors may not be holding the most optimized coverage to meet their insurable needs.
  • Many seniors are fearful that altering their existing coverage would disrupt their health care and viewed an annual insurance review as a burden.
  • Most seniors said that the only way they would alter their coverage in today’s hectic health insurance marketplace is if they had to switch to continue using their preferred carrier or experienced a major change in their personal health care needs.

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