Holiday Health Tips For Seniors

Holiday Health Tips For SeniorsThe holiday season is a time for family and friends. The weather is colder, and people are gathering with their loved ones. The holidays also mean food, so you have to remain active! Here are some tips to stay healthy as you celebrate the holidays.

  • Cut down your own tree: Instead of buying a tree from a roadside lot, go to a tree farm and chop down your own tree. The tree will be fresher, and you can get fresh air and burn off some of the calories that come with all the wonderful holiday food traditions.
  • Do not overindulge: Instead of sampling all the various treats in sight, budget yourself to indulge only in special treats. As you age your metabolism slows, making overeating even worse for you. You do not have to completely deprive yourself, but limiting yourself can help you avoid the usual holiday overeating that you might later regret.
  • Stay active: Staying active during the holidays may not be your first inclination, but it can be a great idea. It not only boosts your immune system to protect you from sickness, but it also boosts your metabolism making it easier for you to be able to indulge during the holidays. A little walk outside can go a long way!
  • Focus on the fun: Food is a big part of the holidays, but do not let it be the most important part. Focus on the fun activities and make memories!

Contact SeniorChoices NW in Wilsonville for all of your Oregon senior health insurance needs. Staying covered is important as you age. Keep these tips in mind as you enjoy this holiday season to ensure that you stay healthy. Get the protection you deserve and get a policy, today!

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