What Does Medicare Part B Cover?

Learn what Medicare Part B covers for you. At the start of the year, many people have new health insurance coverage and schedule a general check-up.  For many seniors, they consider this checkup to be an annual physical exam.  However, does your Medicare plan cover annual physicals? Physical Exam A physical exam is defined as studying the body to determine if there is a physical problem.  Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

New Year’s resolutions for 2018! The New Year is a perfect opportunity to make changes and set goals.  Do you want to improve your health?  Spend more time with your loved ones?  Give back to the community?  Then set New Year’s resolutions that center around these goals.  Here are some ideas to get you started. Resolution #1: Exercise for 10 Minutes a Day Getting enough physical activity is Read More

Inter-generational Programs

As the population ages, it’s important to think about how the old interact with the young.  Here’s how inter-generational programs can help. The future of aging depends on creating inter-generational links between young and old.  Inter-generational programs are one way to create these connections. The benefits of inter-generational programs flow both ways. Younger people can assist the elderly Read More

Should We Re-Think Attitudes on Aging?

Age really is just a number; here’s how to re-think your attitude on aging. Generally, people over 65 are considered old.  However, a new study suggests that you should re-think attitudes on aging based on how long people actually live.  According to the study published in PLOS ONE journal, 70 is the new 60. With improved healthcare and increased dedication to health education, people are Read More

Taking Time to Listen

Are you looking to improve your communication with your grandchild?  It all starts with active listening. If you've tried to improve your communication with your grandchildren, you understand that it’s not as simple as talking more.  Communication isn’t just mindless talking and listening, it is an active attempt to connect through conversation.  While improving your communication isn’t something Read More

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Learn about the basics of Medicare, timeframes for enrolling, the differences between Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage, schedule individual appointments, and ask questions about the plans accepted by the provider.

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