Family-Friendly April Fool’s Day Pranks

Family-Friendly April Fool's Day Pranks

If you have grandchildren, you may become a victim of an April Fool’s prank – learn how to fight fire with fire with these family-friendly April Fool’s Day pranks.

This April Fool’s Day, don’t let the kids have all the fun and get the best of you. It’s time to show them your inner-child and let them know that you can get a little dirty when push comes to shove. Of course, these are all family-friendly and made with the best intentions. Here are a few family-friendly April Fool’s Day pranks so you can turn the tables on those little rascals.

Undrinkable Juice

Fill the children’s usual drinking cups the night before with gelatin and place them in the refrigerator. The next day, offer them a sip and watch them wonder what happened.

Colored Milk

As you prepare their morning bowl of cereal, put in a few drops of food coloring. Make sure they’re not watching as you fix their meal.

Soap Failure

Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and let it dry. When the kids try and shower in the morning, the clear layer of nail polish will keep the bar dry and not form suds.

Caramel “Apples”

We all love caramel-covered apples, so instead, offer your children caramel-covered onions. Dip the onions in caramel and offer them to the kids. Watch their face turn from bliss to disgust in an instant.

Buggy Baggy Lunch

Take plastic insects and sneak them into your child’s lunch. Just make sure that they don’t have Entomophobia–the psychological term for a fear of creepy crawly insects.

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