4 Common Causes Of Dry Eyes & How To Remedy Them

Knowing how to handle these dry eye causes can help you stay much more comfortable throughout the day.

Dry eyes are the number one reason people head to their eye doctor. In fact, almost everyone who is over the age of 55 has some degree of eye dryness. Eye drops and other artificial tears can help to provide some relief, but knowing the underlying cause of your dry eyes can help you deal with the problem more efficiently.

Consider these common causes of dry eyes that may be leading to your irritation.

  1. Medications – over the counter and prescription medications can lead to a reduced production of tears, which can lead to dry eyes. Talk to your doctor and find out if dry eyes are a common side effect of any of the medications that you are taking. In most cases, your doctor will prescribe a secondary eye drop to help deal with the issue.
  2. Mites – demodex mites are very common and are found on the eyelids and face. As you age, the number of mites on your eyes will increase. The mites feed on sebum, which is the oily secretion that lubricates your eyes. A combination of warm compresses, tea tree oil, and eyelid massages can help to get rid of the mites and reduce your eye inflammation.
  3. Screen time – starting at a screen, not matter if it is your TV or computer, can easily make your eyes burn. Increase your blink rate and remember to take a break from your screen for at least 20 seconds for every 20 minutes you spend looking at the screen.
  4. Age – as you get older, your body produces less androgen, which helps to control the secretion of tear film. Using a prescription eye drop can help. Depending on the severity of your case, you may also consider a surgical treatment to help slow the evaporation of tears.

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