Dementia Risks Reduced

Learn how you can reduce your risk for dementia. 

Dementia can be a devastating illness; however, a new report suggests that living a healthier lifestyle could prevent one-third of cases.

A new study published in the journal The Lancet, suggests that certain public health strategies that promote healthier lifestyles could actually be the key to reducing the number of dementia cases worldwide.

The study analyzed previous research that looked at risk factors for dementia throughout people’s lives.  The lead researchers examined studies that connected people’s education, health, and physical activity to the risk of developing it.  Using this data, researchers then determined how reducing certain risk factors would affect the overall rates of dementia.

Ultimately, the researchers found that targeting nine risk factors could reduce the number of cases globally up to 35%.  The nine factors were: education level, treatment for midlife hearing loss, smoking after 65, high blood pressure, midlife obesity, and the combination of depression, physical inactivity, social isolation, and diabetes in people over the age of 65.

Researchers noted that additional research is needed to explain how each of these factors affect people’s risk for developing dementia.  However, some previous research does exist.  For example, prior studies suggest that a person’s education level may impact an individual’s cognitive reserve.  The longer a person is in school, the more they increase the brain’s resistance to the damage caused by aging.

Though the study doesn’t explain how every risk factor is related to the risk of dementia, the research is compelling.  Even if you don’t believe the study’s findings, you should still receive medical treatment for your health issues. Having adequate healthcare coverage is essential to reducing risks of chronic conditions. Contact SeniorChoices NW to review your current plan coverage and see if you should consider making a switch.

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