Clean Eating For Newbies

Clean Eating For NewbiesClean Eating 101

Rather than going on a diet this summer, simply start incorporating clean eating into your daily routine! Far too many individuals restrict themselves from various foods in hopes of getting healthier, leaner, and stronger, but the real solution to your problems is simple: clean eating! Making this lifestyle change is easy! Just keep these helpful tips in mind.

Helpful Tips For Clean Eating:

  • Think raw – Not literally, but think about eating foods in their most natural state. Indulge on fruits and veggies in their natural form. It is also important to know where your food is coming from. Try to only purchase free range and grass fed meats for a healthier meal.
  • Get out of the box – There is no reason to purchase everything already boxed, as these foods are filled with preservatives. Again, think raw! Instead of indulging on a Fig Newton, just have a fig!
  • Know what you are eating – When purchasing already packaged foods, it is important that you read the label. Rather than just seeing the caloric count, read the list of ingredients so that you know what you are eating. A safe rule of thumb is to avoid any foods with ingredients that you cannot pronounce.
  • Know your enemies – It is important that you know what to avoid. We recommend avoiding trans fats, food coloring, artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, nitrates, and nitrites.
  • Know your friends too – It is equally important to know what nutritious items should be on your grocery list as well. We recommend picking up peppercorns, hummus, tuna, salmon, expeller-pressed canola oil, gelatin, garlic, chia seeds, oats, fermented foods, quinoa, whole-grain pasta, seasonal fruits, seasonal vegetables, lean meats, and sprouted-grain bread.
  • Stay home – Most importantly, try to eat at home whenever possible. You never know what additives restaurants add, so try to avoid dining out whenever possible.

Are you ready to start incorporating clean eating into your daily diet? To learn more about clean eating and its health benefits, contact Senior Choices NW in Wilsonville, Oregon.

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