Recovering from a Stroke

A stroke can be the cause of temporary or permanent paralysis on one side of the body and recovery can be difficult. 

A stroke occurs when the brain is deprived of oxygen which causes temporary or permanent paralysis on one side of the body. It can affect balance, vision, speech, memory, and cognitive ability. It can cause other complications like pain and muscle spasms. For these reasons, people who experience a stroke may have difficulty with everyday activities. If you have experienced a stroke and are recovering, here are a few tips on helping you recover. (Note: Always listen to your physician.)

Being Independent as Possible

Conserve your energy by focusing on doing the activities that are most important to you, and ask for assistance for the other stuff.
You can have things delivered to your house rather than going out to pick them up. There are plenty of services that deliver groceries, clothing, and anything else you can think of; “There’s an app for that.”
Join a support group for stroke survivors. It really does help, and you can share ideas and resources.

Increasing Your Safety at Home

Remove throw rugs and keep pathways clear of clutter.
Use the microwave to heat your food instead of using the stove to remove any risk of catching fire.
Install nightlights to give you visibility no matter the lighting condition.
Install grab bars in the bathroom or shower.

Increasing Your Strength

Resist the urge to let others do things for you.
It is important to remember that even brief periods of activity (like getting up to go get a glass of water) can help increase your strength.

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