3 Important Reasons to Exercise for Your Brain

Benefits of Exercise on the Brain

Regular Exercise Improves Cognitive Thinking & Memory

The old saying goes ‘if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it’, and that is truly applicable to the delicate organ, the brain. It has always been encouraged to keep training our brain as we age, now new research shows that regular exercise may slow, or even reverse, biological changes that cause dementia. There are three important reasons why people of all ages should practice regular exercise.

1) Exercise Clears Toxins

In one study, a group of men and women aged 55 to 90 with mild memory loss were made to increase their fitness levels for thirty minutes every day. The control group did supervised stretching. Needless to say, those that exercised improved their memory skills, blood flow to the brain, and reduced levels of the toxic tau protein. The group that stretched had no improvements in the blood flow or tau protein levels.

2) Exercise Treats Alzheimer’s

Researchers in Denmark decided to exercise 100 people for one hour, three times a week. Their studies showed that the control group, 100 people who did not exercise, did not improve in memory and thinking skills. The exercise group, and particularly those that exercised more vigorously, saw improvement in mental speed and attention, as well as maintaining less anxiety and irritability.

3) Exercise Improves Memory

In a study in British Columbia, 30 people with vascular dementia exercised outdoors for 40 minutes three times a week, while another 30 people took a cooking class. After sixth months, the researchers found that the 30 people that exercised had dramatically improved their memory test results, whereas the cooking class scored slightly worse.

To protect yourself is to protect your brain. If you exercise regularly, you will reap the benefits physically and mentally. That is why you should ensure that you are properly protected and are able to receive the correct treatment if something was to happen.

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