Babysitting Your Grandchildren Could Lower the Risk of Alzheimer’s

Babysitting Your Grandchildren Could Lower the Risk of Alzheimer’s

A new study finds that babysitting your grandkids could reduce your chances for Alzheimer’s.

Grandchildren say the darndest things. Parents know it too well, and their grandparents love it. It’s a great way for them to feel joyful and active at an age where mobility and social activity becomes limited. With the incentive of keeping of with their grandkids, they’ll keep active. This activity increases brain function and memory—something that is lost when succumbing to Alzheimer’s.

Researchers from the Women’s Health Aging Project in Australia published a study that found that grandmothers “who spend one day a week caring for their grandchildren may have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s.” This was the first study to examine the role of grandparenting on cognition. A direct correlation has yet to be found, but it’s believed that spending time with grandchildren seems to prevent the social isolation that can cause depression, Alzheimer’s, or an earlier death. As the children’s mind develop, the grandparents minds stay sharp; we all know how many questions kids love to ask.

If you want to spend time with your grandchildren, here are 6 fun activities you can do with them!

  1. Take a trip to the local zoo.
  2. Go on a nature walk.
  3. Teach your grandchild one of your favorite hobbies. They may not have the patience for it, but they’ll cherish the memory.
  4. Play a card game.
  5. Go to the farmers market and make a delicious pie with fresh fruit.
  6. Create a family tree!

You deserve to watch your grandkids become grand adults, and the best way to do that is to take care of yourself and to have a health insurance policy that works for you. Make sure that you have the health insurance that fits your needsContact SeniorChoices NW in Wilsonville, Oregon.

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