Avoid Scams During Medicare Open Enrollment

During Medicare Annual Enrollment, Protect Yourself from Fraud.

During Medicare Open Enrollment, it’s particularly important to stay vigilant. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has strict marketing rules. Those rules prohibit sales people from calling or knocking on your door without your advance permission. Many people are also on the Do Not Call Registry, but all of that doesn’t keep the scammers away. Protect yourself with these helpful tips.

  • Be suspicious of anyone calling unsolicited and asking for personal information, such as your Medicare or Social Security number. You should also never give out information on your bank account, credit cards, or address. Medicare will never call you to verify these things over the phone.
  • Make sure to work with a trusted agent that is licensed and appointed with the insurance carriers you wish to consider. Agents that are affiliated with SeniorChoices NW are all licensed. They are also current with errors & omission insurance, and annual certifications.
  • Reputable agents that offer Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans will have you sign a Scope of Appointment before discussing plan information. This form is a permission slip that tells the agent which types of plans you would like to discuss. It protects you from agents trying to sell you non-health products at the time you are reviewing your Medicare options.
  • Although it may seem tedious, it is important to read the fine print. Make sure to read the statement of understanding before enrolling. Do not sign anything that you don’t feel comfortable with and always ask questions.

During this open enrollment, don’t let scams stop you from updating your Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug plan.  For help with your Medicare options in Oregon or Washington, contact SeniorChoices NW.  Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you compare plans and find the medical coverage that fits your needs.

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