3 Traveling Tips If You Have Hearing Loss

3 Traveling Tips If You Have Hearing Loss

Vacationing shouldn’t mean having to do away with any of your senses.

Millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss and wear hearing aids. From the Victorian-era ear horn, to the tiny devices that reside in your ears barely noticeable in today’s day and age, they can be of some annoyance when it comes to packing and going on vacation. Here is some great travel advice for those that suffer from hearing loss.

Spares and extras. If you wear a hearing aid, make sure to pack a backup if you have one—any old hearing aid will do! Include extra batteries, wax guards, and the brush and wire you use to clean the device.

Keep it all in one bag. If you’re flying, it’s best to keep it all in your carry-on bag. Checked bags, while not common (depending on the airline), can be lost. Having all of your hearing aid equipment in your carry-on will prevent it from being lost or stolen.

Beach guard. If you’re going to get wet, it’s best to keep your hearing aids in the hotel room or inside of a plastic bag inside another bag or purse. Saltwater will destroy them.

Wetness guard. Bringing your Dri-Aid will keep your hearing aid dry at night, which is especially important if you’re vacationing somewhere with high humidity. Also carry a small case for them should any rain or water be on the horizon.

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