3 Things to Do With Your Grandchildren!

3 Things to Do With Your Grandchildren!

Spending time with your grandchildren is something that is beneficial to both you and your grandchildren, here are some ideas on what to do for fun.

Whether you’re called “Nana,” “Papou,” “Abuela,” or just plain “grandpa,” most grandparents are happy to get that call and babysit their grandchildren. The youthful energy of children keeps the elder brain active, and the experience and wisdom of a long life helps the healthy development of the child. While spending time with your grandchildren may be the best job in the world, it doesn’t mean that it is an easy one. The key to spending time with your grandchildren is to keep it simple and interactive: here are three suggestions.

  1. Start a Collection: Talk about what kind of collections you had as a child that you would like to start with your grandchild. Coins? Stamps? Rocks? Leafs? Enjoy hunting for these special items. Who knows, you might find that coin or stamp that has eluded you for decades.
  2. Photo Hunt Time: Use the imagination of young and old to go on a photo treasure hunt. Settle on a theme and get out there! An example can be taking pictures of yellow things or things that start with G (Gates, Gravel, Grass, etc.). And don’t shy away from selfies (no matter your opinion on them!).
  3. Masterchef: Grandparent-Grandchild Edition: See what’s in the pantry, fridge, freezer, or go to the grocery store and whip up a good and crazy meal! Just use caution if you’re planning on using the stove or oven.

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